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Photograph of a tree reflecting in a pond

About Center for Whole Communities

Few places in America regularly bring together leaders of different race, class, profession and ideology to find shared purpose and renew their collective strength...

Center for Whole Communities is a land-based leadership development organization.

We foster the innovative and collaborative responses from different sectors of the environmental and social movements that are necessary to address the complexity of today’s challenges. While nurturing in our alumni multi-disciplinary responses to challenges such as climate change and building economically competitive and equitable communities, our leadership programs directly confront the fragmentation that exists in American society around politics, race, class and privilege.

This work was started on a hillside in Vermont and is now operating nationwide. Whole Communities has led workshops in Ontario, Colorado, Maine, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California, Michigan, British Columbia and New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maryland, and New York City. We nurture over 1,200 activists and leaders working in 500 plus organizations and many more communities all across the United States.

How is it that those of us who care about people and those of us who care about  the land have ended up divided from one another?

What might we achieve if movements for environmental and social change worked together for healthy, whole communities?

Join us for an eight-minute presentation on What We're About: Reweaving People, Land and Communities.

Download a transcript of the presentation here instead of watching it online.